Thursday, August 28, 2014

First day of 8th for Trevor and 1st for Griffin

Trevor started 8th grade.
His first day of school was uneventful. He is happy with his classes and his schedule. He is going to the high school for honors geometry 4 days a week for first period. He was happy to see some friends he has not seen in awhile. I have no doubt it will be a good year.
Griffin started 1st grade at a new school.
He is no longer in his small little private school. He is in the big public school and he is thrilled. He was so excited to start first grade. He could not wait for his first school bus ride. And he got quite the bus ride. He went to after care after school and did not get off at the bus when they arrived at after care because they called it something other than after care. He was supposed to get off at the first stop but he was still on the bus when they arrived at the last stop. Griffin spent at least 1.5 hours on the bus this afternoon. Oh-well, he does not seem too upset about it. All is good. Thank god I did not know about it at the time because I would have been a huge basket case. My crying episode after putting him on the bus this morning was enough sobbing for one day. I survived and he did better than survive. I think he is ready to go back for more.
As I watched him walk away to the bus, I felt like my heart was leaving me and jumping on that bus,too. You think this would get easier seeing it is the 3rd time, but no not easier at all!
Nolan went for his second day at school and all seems good. He likes his teachers and to him most importantly, he like being with all his friends.

It looks like it will be a good school year which makes my heart so happy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nolan's 1st Day of Middle School

Today was Nolan's first day if Middle School.
From what I can gather, he had a great first day. Nolan does not give much information. 
The Assistant Principal is his advisory teacher. Jokingly (sort of) I keep saying he needs to get on her good side now. It may come in handy later. 

I think I survived today as well as can be expected.  Tomorrow may be a different story. Trevor is starting 8th grade and will be at the high school for one class and Griffin is heading to 1st grade and public school for the first time.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Story Land

Griffin and I had a very special day together at Story Land
before he heads of to 1st grade.
Griffin was all about meeting Cinderella in her castle. He was very shy and cute with her.
She even let him sit in her royal chair!
Griffin had his face painted like Michael Angelo {TMNT}.
Cutest Ninja Turtle ever!!! And it must be something to do with the orange around his eyes, but he got more than one comment on his long lashes.
His favorite ride was the turtle ride. But he also loved the teacups, the roller coaster and the flying fish. He loved pretty much everything that went in a circle or spins. Good thing I like those rides, too.
We had a great day just Griffin and me. I just love this boy to pieces and can't believe how grown up he has become.
He has washed his face and bathed but still has a tint of green to his face. I am hoping that by his first day of school on Thursday, it will be all gone.
He asked if we could go again when he finishes 1st grade. I am not wishing the year away but I will be looking forward to going again next summer!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nolan is Eleven

Happy, happy eleventh birthday
My dear Nolan.
I hope eleven is the best year yet.
I hope you gain confidence this year.  I want you to realize you are smart, and not just in math.  I want you to realize what a GREAT athelete you are, not just a good athlete. I want you to learn how to channel all your energy in positive, productive ways. I want you to know, truly know, what an incredibly smart, funny, loving, sweet boy you are.
You are a great friend to many, a caring animal lover, a talented hockey player and one amazing son.
I love you Nolan- always and forever!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


So I have been completely MIA for good reasons and not so good reasons.

We have spent two incredible weeks at camp {minus a few days of work here and there}.
We swam and jumped off the boat and swam some more.
We played lots of cribbage {and Debbie and I are still ahead in the tourney, but not by much}.
We ate lots of good food: lobster, shrimp, steak, Sunset Grill, ice cream {yup, we know how to eat}.
We danced at the annual Dam Jam.
Nolan made ice cream.
We had a murder mystery party.
We had laughs, lots of laughs.
We {well the girls} attended the annual Belgrade Lakes Association meeting and we learned a lot.
We went to Day's Store countless times.
We drank lots of good drinks. 
We worked on puzzles.
We had fires and s'mores.
We had a great fun filled couple weeks spent equal parts relaxing and having fun.

So the bad news and the reason this post is without pictures, my camera broke. It must have happened in transit on our way up to camp because when I pulled my camera out the first day at camp, it was broken. I am so sad that I have no pictures of the fun we had. I love documenting our fun with pictures. I am hoping to have my camera fixed or a new one in my hands very soon so I can get back to doing what I love... capturing all of our memories!