Sunday, August 10, 2014


So I have been completely MIA for good reasons and not so good reasons.

We have spent two incredible weeks at camp {minus a few days of work here and there}.
We swam and jumped off the boat and swam some more.
We played lots of cribbage {and Debbie and I are still ahead in the tourney, but not by much}.
We ate lots of good food: lobster, shrimp, steak, Sunset Grill, ice cream {yup, we know how to eat}.
We danced at the annual Dam Jam.
Nolan made ice cream.
We had a murder mystery party.
We had laughs, lots of laughs.
We {well the girls} attended the annual Belgrade Lakes Association meeting and we learned a lot.
We went to Day's Store countless times.
We drank lots of good drinks. 
We worked on puzzles.
We had fires and s'mores.
We had a great fun filled couple weeks spent equal parts relaxing and having fun.

So the bad news and the reason this post is without pictures, my camera broke. It must have happened in transit on our way up to camp because when I pulled my camera out the first day at camp, it was broken. I am so sad that I have no pictures of the fun we had. I love documenting our fun with pictures. I am hoping to have my camera fixed or a new one in my hands very soon so I can get back to doing what I love... capturing all of our memories!

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