Monday, August 25, 2014

Story Land

Griffin and I had a very special day together at Story Land
before he heads of to 1st grade.
Griffin was all about meeting Cinderella in her castle. He was very shy and cute with her.
She even let him sit in her royal chair!
Griffin had his face painted like Michael Angelo {TMNT}.
Cutest Ninja Turtle ever!!! And it must be something to do with the orange around his eyes, but he got more than one comment on his long lashes.
His favorite ride was the turtle ride. But he also loved the teacups, the roller coaster and the flying fish. He loved pretty much everything that went in a circle or spins. Good thing I like those rides, too.
We had a great day just Griffin and me. I just love this boy to pieces and can't believe how grown up he has become.
He has washed his face and bathed but still has a tint of green to his face. I am hoping that by his first day of school on Thursday, it will be all gone.
He asked if we could go again when he finishes 1st grade. I am not wishing the year away but I will be looking forward to going again next summer!

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