Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Apples of My Eye

Since we had an unscheduled fall like morning {Amen}
we loaded up and headed apple picking. 
We were the first ones there and the trees were full of apples. 
We made quick work of filling our bags.
We love soccer but it was nice to have a free morning.
And because our days always have to be busy, we are now we are off to soccer, more soccer and hockey.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Settling into the Routine

The past few weeks have been tough. It seems we are always going in many different directions. I think we may be finally figuring out the new school routine. The boys are all heading to different schools in the morning {T and N are at the same school, but T spends first period at the high school for math}. The boys seem to really like school this year so that is great. 

Soccer has been all consuming, too. We have soccer every night but Friday and multiple games every weekend. The boys are loving it and so are we. I have had so much fun watching the boys play soccer. 

I am missing my camera like crazy! I am hoping I will find out what the deal is with my broken lens. I just keep thinking about all the days I am not able to document with photos.

So all this to say, we are still here, soaking up the last of the summer days and settling into our new school year routine all while missing my camera.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We had another wonderful weekend at camp. I was kind of sad because it really is the last "summer" weekend we will be spending there this year. The boys are going to be so busy every weekend with soccer that we will be lucky to get up there once in the coming months. The summer just flew by and as happy as I am for fall and winter, I am very sad to see this summer end.
Trevor and Nolan learned to fly fish this weekend. They both loved it and from what I am told are both good at it.

Very much like their personalities, Nolan is quick and impatient, but he seems to have the technique pretty down. He caught quite a few fish, including some bass.

Trevor on the other hand, just started practicing this afternoon. He spent most of the weekend inside. His ear was bothering him so we took him to Urgent Care on Saturday to find out he had an ear infection. When he was finally feeling better he came out to learn and he really loves it, too. He is much more thoughtful and methodical about the way he casts. He caught a few sun fish and two that were rather large.

Both of them look forward to many may days of fly fishing on our lake.

Griffin had a tearful mixed with smiles kind of weekend. I think all the transitions he has had this last week have him acting out a little. I am sure once he is settled in his routine all will be good.
Going to bed on Friday night was not easy. I finally thought Griffin was asleep only to walk into the room and find him like this. I cuddled up with him and we were both fast asleep.
He visited his favorite store on the lake and got some ice cream at the farmers market.
Griffin decided he was going to go on a hike and this was his hiker "get up". A walking stick and a candy necklace over one shoulder, go figure.
So tonight I am pretty sad to say good bye to a wonderful summer, but I know we are beyond blessed to have had the summer we did with the ones we love.
Happy Labor Day!