Friday, September 12, 2014

Settling into the Routine

The past few weeks have been tough. It seems we are always going in many different directions. I think we may be finally figuring out the new school routine. The boys are all heading to different schools in the morning {T and N are at the same school, but T spends first period at the high school for math}. The boys seem to really like school this year so that is great. 

Soccer has been all consuming, too. We have soccer every night but Friday and multiple games every weekend. The boys are loving it and so are we. I have had so much fun watching the boys play soccer. 

I am missing my camera like crazy! I am hoping I will find out what the deal is with my broken lens. I just keep thinking about all the days I am not able to document with photos.

So all this to say, we are still here, soaking up the last of the summer days and settling into our new school year routine all while missing my camera.

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