Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bruins Game {Nolan's birthday present}

Rob, Nolan and I headed into Boston for the Bruins Game.

After a few appetizers, Nolan could not wait to get to the Garden.
He needed to head straight to the Pro Shop, because he could not live another minute without a foam puck head. With the puck head and a few other purchases (shirt and foam claw hand), we headed to our seats.

Our seats were two rows behind the Red Wings bench. Amazing seats. We were so close to the players on the bench that if there was not glass between us we could have had a conversation with them.

The game was so much fun. The Bruins were down 3-1 but came back to tie it up.
Nolan was on the big screen above the ice.
Bergeron scored a hat trick, woohooo. Many hats were tossed on the ice. And when a Bruins player scores a hat trick, all the hats in the Fan shop are 30% off. Nolan headed straight to the Fan shop to get a hat, along with half the fans. We got there quickly, made our selection and beat the crowd.
The game ended in a tie, but that was all good. Nolan was hoping that it would go to OT and a shoot out, which it did. Unfortunately the shoot out did not end in the Bruins favor, but nothing was going to wipe the huge smile off of Nolan's face.
And no trip to Boston would be complete without a trip to Sonic. So after grabbing a few shakes for the boys and a cherry coke zero for me, we were on our way home.

We had a wonderful afternoon. One I am sure Nolan, nor I, will ever forget.
As a matter of fact, Nolan was probably dreaming about it when he fell asleep.

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