Saturday, October 11, 2014

Soccer Weekend {Griffin}

We started our weekend of non-stop soccer with
Griffin's game this morning.
It's pretty cute to watch this age group play soccer. They run together in a herd.
Griffin loves that he has his turn to play. He thinks he is big time.

He tends to be a little on the aggressive side, but he learned it from the best - his big brothers!
Rob is the coach and he has to be a saint. I could not do it for 2 minutes. It seems a lot like herding cats. And he just said how much he loves coaching that age group. Bless him!
C.C. got to cheer Griffin on.

Griffin headed up to camp with TG and Gia, while the boys Rob and I are headed to a tournament - 6 games over the next two days and if they do well, playoff games on Monday.

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