Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

  • Big surprise, the weekend was spent at soccer and more soccer.

  • Nolan played in three play-off games. Although they are not advancing to the finals, they had a great team. The boys played hard and had fun.
  • Trevor won both of his play-off games this weekend. They have move play-off games next weekend. If they keep playing like they have been, they will likely play in the finals. 
  • Even though all the soccer was great fun, the weekend was a very tough one for me. My step mother lost her battle with cancer. I will always remember her telling us "We'll see", something I find myself saying to my boys quite often. She had beautiful pale skin and an wonderful singing voice, often singing Disney songs.
  • It was a beautiful fall weekend and the trees are just spectacular.

  • Today I had Griffin's first 1st grade parent/teacher conference. I am so incredibly proud of my sweet boy. He has mastered math and has already met the years requirements for math. He will be starting 2nd grade math work really soon. He is doing great in Language Arts, too and is ahead of where he should be. He is a hard worker and a respectful friend. My heart just explodes with pride. 
  • And while I am bragging, on my way home from the conference, I got a text from Trevor that he got a 95% on his honors geometry exam.  So proud!

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