Monday, November 3, 2014

GYSA End of Year Celebration

Trevor has played GYSA for the past 5 years.

He started as an adorable 8 year old
and last night we celebrated the end of the season, and the end of GYSA for Trevor. He played for all 5 years, and has changed into a 13 year old. 
Now a 13 year old, he has learned much more than foot skills and soccer.

He has learned disappointment. Disappointment at losing a game, not playing as well as expected, not getting the minutes on the field as hoped, etc. He has learned to be patient and tolerant. His team has not been the easiest or the best behaved. He has learned to give it all he has even when he does not feel like it. He has learned time management with practices many nights a week.
Most importantly, he has learned to be a team player. He was always supportive of his teammates. He was always encouraging and positive. He was always quick to lend a hand or a pat on the back. These things are far more important than all the fancy foot skills he has learned. And these things are skills that will get him through life.
His coach had a lot to say. Most importantly he said Trevor is a team player. {And don't mind my video skills. I had a 6 year old on my lap, who by the way, was a one year old when Trevor started with GYSA.}

He has made us so proud. I will miss the cold mornings, cheering the Strikers on from the sidelines.

And he continues to make us proud. He has had to make a very difficult choice. Play-offs have been rescheduled to next weekend due to the winter weather we had this past weekend. Trevor is scheduled to interview at MSSM next weekend and would miss the rescheduled play-off games. We gave him the choice as to what he wants to do. I know it was a very hard decision, one that he is still wrestling with, but he decided the best choice would be to go to MSSM. I know he is sad about missing this game. I am too.
As they say, all good things come to an end. And we know there will be many more good things.

Trevor, we are so proud.

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Nana said...

Trevor is growing to quickly it seems he was just a little boy yesterday