Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Open House at MSSM

So this weekend we took the long trek up to Limestone for the MSSM open house.

Trevor has been very interested in attending school here since he went to summer camp at the school. Trevor has been researching the school and after deciding that is where he wants to go, working on the application.

The open house and interview are one part of the application process. We learned a lot about the school. It was great and informative. 

I learned the school is INTENSE. The work load is massive and the day is structured much like a college day is. The living quarters are much more monitored than college. The kids are watched much closer, thankfully! The school is very much its own little community, community of exceptionally bright, motivated, hard-working, committed students. The staff and faculty are top notch and are very plugged in with these kids.

We attended classes and asked questions of the panels. We meet the staff and faculty. We toured the campus and ate in the cafeteria. 

We learned the expectations of these students and they are tremendous. We learned that kids hit brick walls and pick themselves back up with the help of teachers, tutors, counselors and staff. We learned this school is not for everyone, actually not for most. 

And after learning all this, Trevor is more intent on attending this school then ever before.

I am proud of him and have my fingers crossed his application is accepted.

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