Friday, December 26, 2014


We had a wonderful Christmas. Thankfully we were all well and enjoyed our family and friends and the many blessings we have.
On Christmas Eve, we had a handful of our favorite friends over to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. We ate and drank and laughed. It was lovely Christmas Eve.
After our company left, we went to bed in anticipation of Santa visiting.

Christmas day was so much fun. The boys are getting older so the gifts are getting less plentiful and more expensive! Santa was very good to Griffin (even though he only told us 2 things he wanted Santa to get him). 

We had a wonderful brunch and our traditional Christmas dinner of surf and turf and it was delicious.
And now I am sitting here as I do every year, feeling incredibly blessed but also sad that it is all over for another year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Card

Every year it becomes more of a struggle to get a good picture of the boys.  This year we did individual pictures... much easier {although I miss having the three of them in one picture}.
Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


This December has not been the healthiest around here. One by one starting with Nolan we all got the Noro virus. It was horrible. Nolan lost 10 pounds and we all felt absolutely lousy for days.
Once all of us (but Trevor) were feeling better we decorated cookies. We did it on a small scale this year, meaning we did not have 6492 cookies to decorate and we did not have the decorating tools. It was the perfect number of cookies for the year.
Griffin really got into decorating the cookies (with massive amounts of decorations)
but even more into the eating of the cookies!
Nolan spent a lot of time on each cookie and really got into the details.

Cookie decorating is always a fun tradition and Trevor was missed!

Friday, December 12, 2014

All Dressed up for Chirstmas

I always love looking at houses all decorated for Christmas. Today I am linking up to Christmas Tour of Homes.
This year I have not decorated as much as I have in past years. I am not sure why I did not get into it this year but I'll blame it on turning 40 this month.
We got early snow this year so we decided to forgo cutting down our own tree. Instead we headed to local nursery to purchase our tree. Boy, was that easy. All we had to do was pick the tree. They cut the branches off the bottom and tied it on our vehicle.

I also put a few decorations throughout the kitchen and family room.

The boys have their trees trimmed in their rooms and I threw a few wreaths on the door and beside the garage and called it good.
I love this time of year even if it is not as decorated as most years!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

I am a little late on the Thanksgiving recap. We have had some sickness running through the house and I ended up with Strep throat which pretty much knocked me out for a few days.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I did not take a lot of pictures. I was too busy eating, drinking, watching the parade, eating, drinking, watching football, eating, drinking and enjoying wonderful company. 
We had a beautiful backdrop for Thanksgiving. It snowed most of Wednesday and left us with a lovely Thanksgiving day. We were lucky to have power. I know many in my community and surrounding communities did not.
We spent some time outside: shoveling snow,

watching the dogs play in the snow,

acting like a fool jumping of the deck
and just plain looking cute.
The food was wonderful and that is where the pictures ended. I have no pictures of Trevor because he spent most of the day in bed not feeling well. I did not get a group picture either, which I am upset about but I blame not getting that picture on the drinking I mentioned earlier.

Friday we got up and did our annual black Friday shopping and brunch. We always have a great time!
After shopping, we headed up to camp for a quiet, relaxing few days.

It was absolutely beautiful on the lake.

And an absolutely perfect Thanksgiving holiday!