Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

I am a little late on the Thanksgiving recap. We have had some sickness running through the house and I ended up with Strep throat which pretty much knocked me out for a few days.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I did not take a lot of pictures. I was too busy eating, drinking, watching the parade, eating, drinking, watching football, eating, drinking and enjoying wonderful company. 
We had a beautiful backdrop for Thanksgiving. It snowed most of Wednesday and left us with a lovely Thanksgiving day. We were lucky to have power. I know many in my community and surrounding communities did not.
We spent some time outside: shoveling snow,

watching the dogs play in the snow,

acting like a fool jumping of the deck
and just plain looking cute.
The food was wonderful and that is where the pictures ended. I have no pictures of Trevor because he spent most of the day in bed not feeling well. I did not get a group picture either, which I am upset about but I blame not getting that picture on the drinking I mentioned earlier.

Friday we got up and did our annual black Friday shopping and brunch. We always have a great time!
After shopping, we headed up to camp for a quiet, relaxing few days.

It was absolutely beautiful on the lake.

And an absolutely perfect Thanksgiving holiday!

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