Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Interview with {a just turned} Seven Year Old

This is the fourth year of asking Griffin these interview questions.
1. What is your name: Griffin.
2.  How old are you: Seven.
{Hello, eyelashes}
3. What is your favorite color: Yellow, that's for sure!
4.  Who is your best friend: Logan, for sure!
5.  What is your favorite animal: That's easy... a jaguar.
6.  What do you want to be when you grow up: Private Investigator and as I am typing he is watching me and tells me just to type PI.
7.  What is your favorite show/movie: Paw Patrol.
8.  What is your favorite book: Jack and Annie {the real title is The Magic Tree House}.
9.  What makes you laugh:  When someone comes up behind me and lifts his arms and goes roar {scares me}.
10.  What is your favorite food: Tacos {this response got a fist pump from biggest brother}.
11.  What is your favorite song: "Some nights I stay up {not understandable}... Some nights I stay up cashing my bad luck..." 
12.  What is your favorite game: Super Smash Bros and Monopoly Empire.

Happy, happy birthday Sweet boy!

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