Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Griffin

Happy, happy
SEVENTH birthday
Dear Griffin.

Griffin,  Time is flying by. I think I have seen the most growth in you this past year. You are definitely no longer a baby, you are a big boy with a mind of your own. You love your family, especially your "MaaaMaaa". You idolize your brothers and enjoy playing with them.
You are a great student. I once thought you may never mutter a word, but now you have a huge vocabulary and lots to say! You are a math whiz. You love to practice math calculations in the car. You are doing great with your multiplication and are starting to get division. Gym is your favorite time at school. Sometimes, you get so excited you have a hard time listening. You have made great friends in first grade and you are excited to go to school everyday.
You are a kind, caring, sensitive boy. I call you my old soul. It is hard to describe but your sensitivity and understanding of peoples feelings go way beyond your 7 years. You can be so thoughtful and understanding of matters that most little boys would not even understand. I love this about you.
My favorite thing about you is your smile that can light up a room. You are one happy boy and take every new activity/adventure with such joy and enthusiasm. Your happiness is infectious. It is impossible not to smile when you smile. I know you are going to grow and change over the years, but the one thing I hope {more than anything else} that never goes away is the joy and energy you express all the time. Griffin, I hope your smile continues to be contagious even when you are 77. Your happiness and joy are a gift that I hope you carry with you forever.
You are one loved boy. I hope you have the most fabulous 7th year!
I love you,

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