Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Snow Day

The boys and I are home for yet another snow day. We had three snow days last week and we are starting this week with one.

Nolan was thrilled, Trevor not so much. Trevor is not looking forward to having school in July. I love the snow but we have enough already. The snow is so deep, it is not much fun to play in. The more snow we get, the more I am counting down the days to our sunny San Diego {and Disneyland} vacation. It can't come soon enough for us.

We finished celebrating Griffin's seventh birthday this weekend with family.

Friday night hockey was cancelled due to the storm {see a theme here}. Sunday the sun was shinning and hockey was on. They won 9-2 and the boys played a great game after a sleepy first period. Nolan played center and scored a top shelf goal! He also lost his stick and had fun playing soccer with the puck on the ice. The third period he played defense... the best of both worlds for Nolan.

We finished the weekend with a Patriots Superbowl victory. Woohoo.

Now let's hope this storm moves out of here today and that there is no more storms until we are soaking up the sun in San Diego!

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