Monday, February 23, 2015

Hockey Qualifiers

We just returned from a great family vacation in sunny San Diego.  I will be posting daily recaps soon.
Before I can get to that I need to document the great hockey weekend that we had.
Nolan's team was the first seed going into the round robin to determine what teams would move on to state finals.
Nolan's team won all three games (Nolan missed the first two because we were in San Diego) but made it in time for the third game, which ended in a shut out of something like 6-0.
They advanced to the semi-finals and won that game 11-0.  Nolan scored two great goals! Most importantly, our team played clean. The other team not so much... they ended the game with 11 penalties and 2 game misconducts. Winning this game gave them a spot at the state finals.
The final game in the round robin was to determine the seed for state finals (both teams playing advance to states). Nolan's team won 3-1 and Nolan scored the second goal in this game!
With very little sleep and adjusting back to our time zone, Nolan played with lots of spunk and heart. I am so proud of him and his entire team.
Next weekend (for the third year in a row) we will be heading to State Finals!
Good luck Huskies Blue!

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