Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Southern California ~ Day 2

We were up bright and early, like 4am bright and early.

We took our time to get ready
and then headed to California Adventure for magic hour and day of fun at the park.

Our first stop was one of your favorites at Hollywood Studio's ~ Toy Story Mania.  The lines were short so we did a quick 3 trips on this fun ride!

Trevor and I headed over to California Screaming. This roller coaster was highly anticipated by Trevor and me. It did not disappoint. It was Trevor's favorite ride. Again, since there was no lines, we took advantage and did two quick, loop turning, high dropping, upside down riding on this fun coaster!
We then headed to my very least favorite, the ferris wheel. I am not a fan of being up high and not moving! I do have to say it had a beautiful view of the city.
We went on a few more rides, grabbed a few fast pass tickets
and took a break for a quick snack.

After our snack, we took a trip through the Bug's Life section of California Adventure.

Griffin really liked this area
and his favorite ride here was the caterpiller ride.
Our final stop was the Car's area.
This area was amazing. I felt like we were dropped right into Radiator Springs.
We got to meet Lightening McQueen.

We rode the tractors and Luigi's tires.
The best ride of the day had to be the Car's ride. It was amazing. It took you through the movie starting with a slow cruise through Radiator Springs. We almost ran into the Mac Truck and we got a new tires from Luigi before heading out to race another car. It was so much fun that we had to ride it twice.
On our way out of the park, we had to stop for a quick visit with one of our favorites, Buzz Lightyear.

After our fun filled day, we headed to San Diego to start the rest of our vacation. We checked into our hotel in Downtown San Diego and waited to reunite with the rest of our family that was flying in that day.

It was another early to bed night. We were all so excited to be checking into our beach house the next day.

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