Friday, March 6, 2015

Griffin Lately

So I often say it, but Griffin is truly a character.

Tonight Griffin and I were talking  about Trevor going away to school.  I ask him what he will miss most about Trevor and he responds with he will miss Trevor's extraordinary soccer playing. And then he goes on to use the word inspirational.
The other night he had taken the rug in his bedroom and rolled it up. I asked him why he did that and he told me that he just did not like the rug anymore. Later Rob put it back down and he again rolled it up. He says he does not like it because it only has low numbers and he is much better at counting than what the numbers on the rug.
He recently went shopping with Gia and TG. He went in a store with TG and later told me that she took him in an all girls store that only sells girls stuff. She did buy him a "lipstick" {chap stick} that he really likes and has been using daily.
On Monday he got sent to the principals office for jumping in a puddle. I told him that I was sad that he misbehaved and had to go to the principals. His response to me, "Don't be sad mom. I like going to the principals office."

He is a smart little boy that is a handful.  He really keeps me on my toes. I smile and laugh everyday because of him. 

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