Monday, March 2, 2015

He Has Been Accepted

Trevor has been accepted to the Maine School of Science and Mathematics.
The 14th best school in the Country!

I am so proud, so very proud. My heart could explode with joy and happiness and pride for this huge, huge accomplishment for Trevor.

He has worked so hard and has been so focused and determined to attend this school.

I know he will succeed. He will make great friends, be challenged and have a top notch education.

It will open many, many doors for college and beyond.

I am also so, so sad and conflicted.

I am not ready to send my baby boy to high school 6 hours away from home.

My stomach and heart hurt just thinking about how much I will miss seeing him everyday.

Part of me feels like I am getting a raw deal. I will miss out on so many of the traditional high school events (soccer games, prom, etc).

I thought I had 4 more years.

I have been crying tears of joy and sadness that I am sure will continue for months to come.

So bitter sweet, but I know it will be much more sweet than bitter!

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