Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Unofficial Start to Summer

This weekend we hightailed it up to camp
to celebrate Memorial day
and the unofficial start to summer.
And what a weekend it was. After a windy Saturday, we had a beautiful, summer-like Sunday.

The perfect day to chill on the dock with family and friends.

We met some really cute little ducklings on Friday, five to be exact
and on Saturday that five turned into four... it was very sad. But the ducklings are adorable and have grown in a matter of days right before our eyes.
There was a lot of fishing. 
Griffin caught his first bass. He was too scared to hold it but after it went back into the water he decided he would hold it... umm too late!

The boat is again the perfect place to get your dance on.

Griffin and Nolan had fun shaking it on the boat.
We did a lot of relaxing,
and hanging with our favorite people!
Now, I can't wait for every summer weekend. I just want to be at camp!

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Ash said...

RIP Madonna duckling.