Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another Camp Weekend

We had another few great days at camp.
It is really beginning to feel like summer!
Much more activity is happening around the lake which is good and bad. I love to see the boats and the events that happen around the lake. At times it gets really busy and that is kind of a bummer.

Griffin jumped in the water many, many times on Saturday.

He wanted me to document every single jump with a picture.
Then after jumping, it was time for some football. And after all the water activity, Griffin passed out with the ipad in his hands while watching a movie. Sweet boy!
We took the first of many boat trips

to Lakeside Scoops.
Ice cream lakeside may be one of these boys favorite things!

And one of my favorite thing is bribing Nolan with ice cream so I can take a picture of him. He used to love to have his picture taken. Now he runs the other direction when he sees my camera.
And Trevor. So grown up. Less than two months until he heads off to boarding high school. Love him so very much and I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to handle not having him around daily.
And this pretty much sums up my feelings about the lake. Lake, family, friends, wine! No doubt, life is better at the lake!
The duck saga continues. We had to protect the sweet little ducks from the loon. And since then, we have not seen the ducks for 2 days. They have never gone this long without visiting. I of course think the worst, but I hope they just found a new camp to hang at.
I love these splashing feet!

We had another lovely weekend up at camp.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dad's Day and Ducks

We celebrated Father's Day at our favorite place on earth
camp! Saturday the sun was shinning so we enjoyed the sun, swam and did some chores around camp. Saturday night we enjoyed dinner (Rob's choice) and he opened his presents.
We also had a very interesting stand off with our little duck family that we have adopted. Saturday morning our ducks came for a visit. I was sitting on the edge of the dock and the ducks came very close so I decided I would run into the house and grab my camera. While my getting up was very upsetting to mama duck and she jumped up on the deck and quacked at us while the babies ran up on dry land. After the stare down with mama duck and me jumping up on top of the chaise because I was afraid she was going to attack, mama and the babies made themselves at home on our dock and took a little nap on it, all while we were sitting on it.
A little later in the day, mama and babies were back but now they were distressed as a bigger duck was after them. He (we assume the duck was a he because he was big) was after the babies. Mama did a good job of giving this intruder the evil eye that I had received earlier but she was having a hard time keeping him away from all the babies. After watching him attack one of the babies, we stepped in. We got our water shooters and squirted the big duck away, meanwhile the duck family made themselves at home on the dock again. I think they felt safer on the dock. The big duck tried to come back but we continued to squirt him and may have even threw a couple rocks at him. He finally left.
We all woke up very worried about our ducks this morning, but I am happy to report that we saw mama and all four babies this afternoon. I think they have officially made themselves at home with us.
We never intended to adopt or even feed the ducks. We love them on our lake but we like them from afar. We have been feeding this family though. They are just so cute and we felt bad after one of the babies disappeared. One of the babies has a lame foot and is much smaller than the others. We went from not feeding the ducks to going out this week to buy duck food for our little family (just until they are grown).
Sunday started out as a rainy day so we all went to see Inside Out. The movie was so cute and we all loved it, well, Trevor did not think much of the movie. I can't wait to see it again.
The weekend was great. I think my kids have the greatest dad ever and I am very lucky to be able to raise our boys with him by my side!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Last day of 6th grade and 1st grade

Nolan finished his 6th grade year, his first year at middle school.
Last day of 6th grade
And I would say it was a huge success. He had a great time with his friends and thrived socially. He even made time for his studies and did well in school.
August 2014 ~ First day of 6th grade
It is amazing what a difference one school year makes. Here he is on the first day of 6th grade. He is excited and ready for another great year of school, but first bring on summer!

Griffin did not miss a beat at his first year in the public schools, in first grade.
Last day of 1st grade
He has learned so much thanks to a wonderful teacher. He is the top of his class in math and quite the little mathematician. He is doing well in reading and writing,too. He made many new friends and learned quickly how to navigate this much bigger school.
August 2014 ~ First day of 1st grade
And here is my sweet boy on the first day of 1st grade! He has a wonderful teacher for 2nd grade and I know he will continue to excel.

I am so thankful for my boys wonderful, caring teachers this year. It was a great year full of growing, learning and maturing!

Nolan and Griffin, I am so proud of you both!

And see Trevor's graduation post below.

Class of 2019 ~ Eighth Grade Graduation

Trevor is officially a high school student.
We celebrated the class of 2019 with a little "graduation" celebration.
It is so hard to believe that this sweet baby
is now this high school student.
He started middle school as a young, smart, inquisitive boy
and he is leaving middle school a smart, mature, kind young man.
After graduation, the class had a little party to celebrate them! Trevor came home pretty sad. I think it is finally hitting him that he is not going to be with the classmates he has been with for 9 years now. It truly is bitter-sweet.
His honors geometry teacher said "Absolutely no worries about this kid! He's got it all under control!"
But alas, all good things come to an end and change is part of life. He is ready to take on the world from Limestone and I know he is going to rock it!
They may not believe it now, but these boys sure are going to miss Trevor!
Trevor, we love you and could not be more proud of who you are and where you are going!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap

We were up bright and early Saturday morning to do some replanting of a few dead plants before baseball.
We ran to the nursery to buy a few plants.  And when we came home to remove and plant, we found this in one of the plants that was going to be removed because it is half dead.
Ultimately, we decided not to disturb the plant and give the bird egg a chance. I not sure it has much of a chance because no mama bird has been spotted. We will still give it a few weeks and see what happens.
Griffin had his last baseball game. He hit to big balls into the out field. He is impressive at the bat. His outfield skills have some work but that will come. Maybe we will have our first baseball player?!? Not Rob or my favorite sport to watch, it is sloooow especially with the littles. He got a metal and slurpee for a job well done. 
We decided after baseball to head up to camp. We just can't stay away particularly when the weather report says it is going to be in the 70's and sunny. 
We saw our little duck family. The babies are now teens. 
I feel that mama duck's pain...our babies grow way, way to fast. 
Camp fire, swimming, cribbage, family time, baseball, soccer, grilling, basketball, sun and fun!
This is a big week over here. Last week of school and 8th grade graduation will have me an emotional mess all week!

Friday, June 12, 2015


School is starting to wrap up around here. I'm ready for summer that is for sure, but I am not so sure I am ready for the boys to be out of school... mostly because I don't want to face what is next.
This morning in a very light-hearted manner I told Trevor to have great day on his very last Friday in our town school. And then I though that through in my head, got a big lump in my throat, my heart skipped a beat and a tear quickly found it's way to my eye. My baby, my first born, the one who made me a mom, is leaving for high school and that is only 2 months, 2 short summer months away. It is amazing that at times I seem so okay with this because I know it is a great opportunity for Trevor and being a parent is being completely selfless and doing what is best for our children, not us. And then at times it hits me like a ton of bricks. How can I possibly send my fourteen year old off to school 6 hours away to be trusted with a staff (that I know is completely capable) that does not even know my baby. I sure am going to miss my daily (albeit short) conversations with Trevor, the out of the blue hugs and love, just the every day things that I take for granted. I am sure that over time this will get easier, but right now I am having a very hard time imagining seeing him off to his next adventure.

Trevor graduates from middle school on Thursday and I could not be more proud. He rocked middle school. 
Griffin and Nolan have one more week of school before summer vacation. Griffin will be heading to second grade next year and he is so ready for it. Nolan will be starting 7th grade. He is excited for the summer, but had a great school year.

Being a mom is surely not for the faint of heart.
#hardestjobever #bestjobever