Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another Camp Weekend

We had another few great days at camp.
It is really beginning to feel like summer!
Much more activity is happening around the lake which is good and bad. I love to see the boats and the events that happen around the lake. At times it gets really busy and that is kind of a bummer.

Griffin jumped in the water many, many times on Saturday.

He wanted me to document every single jump with a picture.
Then after jumping, it was time for some football. And after all the water activity, Griffin passed out with the ipad in his hands while watching a movie. Sweet boy!
We took the first of many boat trips

to Lakeside Scoops.
Ice cream lakeside may be one of these boys favorite things!

And one of my favorite thing is bribing Nolan with ice cream so I can take a picture of him. He used to love to have his picture taken. Now he runs the other direction when he sees my camera.
And Trevor. So grown up. Less than two months until he heads off to boarding high school. Love him so very much and I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to handle not having him around daily.
And this pretty much sums up my feelings about the lake. Lake, family, friends, wine! No doubt, life is better at the lake!
The duck saga continues. We had to protect the sweet little ducks from the loon. And since then, we have not seen the ducks for 2 days. They have never gone this long without visiting. I of course think the worst, but I hope they just found a new camp to hang at.
I love these splashing feet!

We had another lovely weekend up at camp.

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