Friday, June 19, 2015

Last day of 6th grade and 1st grade

Nolan finished his 6th grade year, his first year at middle school.
Last day of 6th grade
And I would say it was a huge success. He had a great time with his friends and thrived socially. He even made time for his studies and did well in school.
August 2014 ~ First day of 6th grade
It is amazing what a difference one school year makes. Here he is on the first day of 6th grade. He is excited and ready for another great year of school, but first bring on summer!

Griffin did not miss a beat at his first year in the public schools, in first grade.
Last day of 1st grade
He has learned so much thanks to a wonderful teacher. He is the top of his class in math and quite the little mathematician. He is doing well in reading and writing,too. He made many new friends and learned quickly how to navigate this much bigger school.
August 2014 ~ First day of 1st grade
And here is my sweet boy on the first day of 1st grade! He has a wonderful teacher for 2nd grade and I know he will continue to excel.

I am so thankful for my boys wonderful, caring teachers this year. It was a great year full of growing, learning and maturing!

Nolan and Griffin, I am so proud of you both!

And see Trevor's graduation post below.

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