Sunday, August 23, 2015

Move-in Week

We drove 5.5 hours to take Trevor to boarding school.
We left Wednesday to move him in to his new dorm. 

The ride up to Limestone was very long. Trevor and Rob seemed to have a great time discussing everything from soccer, to corny move quotes, to BPL, to reading from the Soccernomics book to finally streaming SNL skits. I was the odd man out in those conversations.

We stopped at a viewing spot of Mt. Katadin. Unfortunately, it was a little to overcast to see the mountain but still a lovely view.
We arrived at school and Trevor was all smiles. He was so excited to be at school. He got to move in a few days early with the other soccer players. Practice/tryouts started on Wednesday. The day we moved him it is was super hot. We got him all settled in and made a long list of all the things he still needed. He headed over to soccer practice and we headed out. It was so hard {I think for all of us} to say good bye and leave him in the dorms.
The big brick building on the left is the school, the building to the right of it are the dorms. T is in the wing farthest to the right, but his windows face out the side not shown.
The next day, Trevor did not have anything until 3PM soccer practice. We went over in the morning and took him all the items we had purchased the night before, organized his room some more and then took him out to lunch. Thursday all the nervous excitement was gone and Trevor was rather quiet and almost cranky. He had not sleep well the night before and I think the reality of living away from home, with all new friends and teachers and the intensity of the school was hitting him.  After lunch we took Trevor back to school for practice. That good bye was so hard. I wanted to grab him and all his belongings and head back home. I got in the car and cried.
Friday was the actual move-in day and registration. It was a busy morning and Trevor seemed to be in better spirits. His roommates arrived and got settled in. Rob and I got to know his roommates parents. All seemed to be right again, thankfully!

After a morning of registration, meetings and lunch, we officially had to say good bye and start our trek home. Not easy at all!  Trevor got his class schedule and will be taking honors comp, advanced accelerated math, Chinese, string ensemble, physical science and first year seminar. Thankfully Trevor seemed to be in a better place than the day before which made a difficult good bye a little bit easier. It was so hard to say good bye. I am sure I will have good moments and bad moments of missing him and I am sure they will be unpredictable.
I already have his first care package ready to go in the mail tomorrow.

His communications with us have been short and sweet one word answers on text. He did face time us today, but like most of Trevor's phone conversations, he does not say much.

I miss him like crazy, but I know he is in the perfect place for him. It truly is bittersweet.

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