Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Day of School {seventh and second grade}

Pencils sharpened, school clothing picked out, backpacks packed...

school started today for Nolan and Griffin.
Nolan said last night that he was kind of excited for school to start. I don't think I have heard that from him since 2nd grade. 
He came home from school very happy. He loves his science teacher who also happens to be his social studies teacher. He likes all his teachers and has friends in his classes. Now if he can focus on school and less on socializing and being the class clown, seventh grade might be a great one!
Griffin was not into cooperating for pictures this morning, but he was excited for second grade. Nolan had Griffin's teacher for second grade too and I just adore her. I know he will have a wonderful year with her.
He had a great first day of 2nd grade. He said his teacher was really proud of him for doing all his tasks and he had a great time with all his friends.

I have had a difficult few days. I miss Trevor so much. It was so hard to see all of Trevor's friends parents posting pictures of their kids first day of high school. I was not with Trevor on his first day to take a picture. Griffin asked if he had to take a picture with Nolan and I said no. I did not want a picture of the first day of school of my boys with Trevor missing.
And just like that we are back to homework, packing lunches, early mornings and busy schedules.

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