Sunday, November 15, 2015

Life Lately (according to my phone)

So life lately has been consumed with hockey and practices, work and school, but we have managed to fit a few other things in our days.

First, my heart is hurting for all of us. What happened in Paris is so incredibly sad and scary. My heart is with the people and families of those touched by the tragedy in Paris.
Trevor received his first varsity letter. I am so proud of is dedication and hard work he put into playing soccer. School alone was a huge adjustment and then to add soccer on top of that was a huge commitment. He did it all well with only a few bumps in the road. I am looking forward to him coming home next weekend for a full week! I have definitely gotten more used to him not being home day in and day out but I still miss him just as much as I did after first dropping him off.
Last weekend, Griffin and I squeezed in a little Mommy/Griffin time to go see the new Peanuts Movie. We both loved our time together and the movie. I thought it was really cute and Griffin was laughing out loud. We both love our little dates.
Griffin has been waking in the morning and without being asked brushing his teeth. He even makes his bed. I think he has a thing or two to teach his older brothers. I am still reminding the big boys to brush their teeth and forget about making the bed!
Griffin went with Dad to a big brothers/big sisters charity event, Kids and Claws. He got to meet, eat dinner, play ball and hang out with the Red Claw basketball players. He had fun trash talking the pro players. He is all about basketball for the moment.

Nolan was invited to go to a rock climbing wall with one of his buddies. I was not surprised that he wanted to go but I was sure he would never climb one of the walls. He tends to have a fear of heights so I though no way would he do that.

Boy was I wrong. He started out on the easy walls but quickly moved up to the more difficult walls with small grips and ledges. He loved it and can't wait to go back. I am amazed by my boys daily!
Griffin has been selected to be the star of the week this week. He had to make a poster to tell about himself. He was so excited to do this. He and I worked on this little project and as you can tell his is very proud of his work!

And today we have hockey! It is going to be a tough middle school game, but fun none the less. Yesterday, Nolan and his huskies team won 11-0. Nolan had two goals and three assists.. which made for very happy boy. Way to go Nolan!

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