Monday, December 28, 2015


We had a great Christmas, but for the most part, you will just have to take my word for that.
I failed at getting a picture of the family.

I failed at getting a picture of the boys in their matching pajama's.
I failed at getting a picture of our lovely brunch and dinner table.

By the time I remembered I needed/wanted a picture of the boys together, the wheels had started to come off. For it was a great day, but one that is highly anticipated with little sleep leading up to the big day. Griffin was so cute and excited about all his gifts, but became over exhausted and had a melt down in the afternoon. He got over it quickly, but I knew that a picture would not be successful. Oh well.
We had family and friends on Christmas Eve and it is one of my favorite things about the holiday. It is always a good time with lots of great food, good cheer, laughs and fun.
Christmas morning was spent with family opening presents. I think I managed to surprise all the boys with at least one gift. Trevor was most excited and surprised with his apple watch.
We had a wonderful brunch and later a delicious dinner of surf and turf. In between meals, we spent a lot of time building toys and playing games.
It was another wonderful Christmas. I say this often but I know I am so blessed to have a family I enjoy being with. We all have such a great time together and it truly makes for the very best holiday!

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