Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday Griffin

Unbelievable, but Griffin is 8 years old today.
Griffin is a fun, funny, silly kid. He loves to dance, play soccer and basketball.
His favorite foods are orange chicken, Gia's baked beans and pulled pork.

Griffin is a mommy's boy. Mom is definitely his #1.
He is a sweet, sensitive, old soul. He is understands and wise beyond his years. He can also be grumpy and stubborn like an old man.
Griffin loves animals and has a ridiculous amount of animal facts stored in his head. He is a quick study and a math whiz.
He loves electronics, Wild Kratts and Master Chef Jr.
He is an absolute joy and we could not love this boy anymore. Griffin has great things in store for him and I look forward to a great eighth year for Griff!

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