Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January Blues

It seems like every January I lack ambition and have the blues. Maybe it is the short days. Maybe it is the cold days. Maybe it is the quiet after all the holiday excitement. Whatever it is, I wish it would just go away.
I think this January has been harder than others because I once again had to put Trevor on a bus back to school. This time he spent 3 weeks home and I got really used to having him around. The house is just so different with him not around.

We had a great time with Trevor home and aside from all the holiday festivities, we spent a day in Boston.

We went to the Museum of Science and the special Pixar exhibit.
We also were hoping to do the Sports Museum at the Garden but the timing did not work out.

So now Trevor is back at school and we are trying to get used to him not being home. He will be home for a week in February so that is something to look forward to.
This weekend Nolan has a hockey tournament in Bangor which should be fun.

Hopefully the days will start to get longer.
I doubt the weather will get warmer, but I hope I can perk back up quickly.
And if not, maybe some if these will do the trick :).

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