Thursday, January 28, 2016

Life Lately

So if I had to sum up January in a few words, it would be

doctors appointments.

It seems that every week we are running to doctors or orthodontist appointments.
Mostly because of this!
I fell on ice and broke my wrist the Monday before last. It has been a big ole' painful burden. Rob has to help blow dry my hair. I can't even open a can. I'm pretty much helpless.

We have had some fun though. We had a great night at the Red Claws. Slippy G (as Griffin says is his hip-hop name) came to the game to dance. He showed us his moves every time a song came on.

I  also took engagement pics and went wedding dress shopping for my sister (as I call her).

We spent a fun, hockey-filled weekend at a tourney in Bangor. It was a whirlwind of hockey, snow, friends and a few wins!
T just finished j-term, a 2 week intensive study where he built and learned to play a ukulele.
Tomorrow, we will be wishing this 8 year old a very happy birthday. Wow, my baby is 8!!!

The weekend is filled with 5 hockey games and a few family birthday celebrations!

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