Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Little Spring Break Getaway

Over April vacation we usually try to go skiing, but this year there was no snow. Since skiing/boarding was out of the question, my mom and I decided a little road trip would be fun. 

The big boys, my mom and I headed for a little trip to Connecticut.
Griffin spent the week with Nana and Papa. He had a great time at the Basketball Hall of Fame, the Boston Aquarium and LegoLand. I don't think he missed us one bit.
My mom, the boys and I headed out early Wednesday morning. Our first stop was Patriot Place and the soccer store.
Then we headed for the Providence Mall to do a little shopping and lunch at Dave and Busters. The boys had a blast at Dave and Busters and I had fun photo bombing their picture.
Our first evening was in Mystic. We walked around and browsed the shops at Mystic. We went swimming and had a nice dinner at the hotel and cocktails on the outside patio.

The next morning we spent at the Mystic Aquarium.
We had a great time seeing all the animals. 

The whales were so cool and we were fascinated with the jelly fish. I even got brave and touched a little shark. 
We had to visit the penguins because Trevor is a MSSM penguin.
Then we had lunch and walked around Mystic by the water. It was an lovely day.

After Mystic, we headed to Clinton, my mom's home town. We did a lot of shopping and some touring of Mom's old stomping ground.
We went by Mom's house growing up. We even got out to take a picture. Of course, Nolan was very nervous about it, but he did it.

We took a picture at the bench we had dedicated to my grandparents.

We had a nice dinner with Mom's friends from high school at a beautiful location.
And so sad, but when we heard of the death of Prince, we set up a little memorial. I still can't believe he is gone. He was one of my favorite artists, especially in college. What a loss.

We had the opportunity to hang out on Mom's friends boat. It is a beautiful boat and the boys had a great time exploring it. Although it never left dock, it was still so much fun. We look forward to setting sail on it in the future.

We had a great time. 
I did miss Griffin but we talked a lot about him and brought him back some treats!
And upon returning, we had to put Trevor on the bus back to school. It is always hard but particularly hard on Griffin. He wanted to go back to school with him.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Not a whole lot going on around here. But according to my phone, this is what we have been up to lately.
On Friday, after dropping Nolan at the middle school dance, we went to Griffin's school for Wellness Night. Griffin was so excited to go. We used to do all these school activities with the older two boys, but seem too busy to make these events with Griffin. It was nice that it worked with our schedule and Griffin was very happy. He enjoyed the fire truck the most.

We have had a house guest since Thursday and Nolan is so in love. Sophie is our friends dog and we have enjoyed having her around this week. She is one snorty girl. Griffin likes to sing Sophie the Pig Dog to the tune of Frosty the Snowman. She is quite the character.
We have been busy repainting our bedroom and bathroom. We also replaced our lights and mirrors in the bathroom. I love having such a fresh look. I need to do some shopping for some art for the walls.
Cleaning out some drawers in my room, I found this gem. I miss these babies so much. Just for a day, or even an hour, I would love to snuggle these sweet babies. I think after a day or an hour of having two little ones again I would be exhausted... but I would love it for a little while.

Next week is spring break for the boys and Trevor will be home. It is his last break before the summer. I look forward to having him home.  My mom and I are going to take the big boys on a little road trip next week and Griffin is going to have a fun packed week at Nana and Papa's. And I heard it will be 70 degrees next week... wooohoooo!