Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Go Fly a Kite

Griffin has been wanting to fly a kite.
The weather on Saturday could not be better, so we packed a picnic dinner and headed for Fort William.
We let Griffin pick out a kite and of course BB8 was the kite of choice.

The wind was definitely in our favor and Griffin rocked flying a kite.

He was all smiles and when he tired of flying the kite he had a blast chasing it.

We had a picnic lunch up on the hill and Griffin soaked up all the individual attention.

After we filled our bellies, Griffin was ready to explore. We checked out the light house, the mansion and the fort. It is such a beautiful location. We even got to crash a wedding that was happening on the lawn (okay so we did not crash it... we just watched it from a distance).

Griffin wanted to go swimming. Of course, we had no bathing suit and the water is not really to a comfortable swimming temperature. We did go down and dip our feet, or in Griffin's case, up to his waist in the cool Atlantic Ocean. Griffin tried to skip rocks. His dad showed him how but he never really got one to skip.
It was such a fun afternoon with Griffin. I just adore this boy. One of the best things about Griffin is he loves with his whole heart. It does not matter if it is his food or his family or playing a game or doing math this kid does it with his whole heart. He is such a delight. He is funny, outgoing and happy. He is always happy. His smile lights up the room and it is impossible not to smile when you are around him. 
It really is a shame this boy has no personality at all... HA!

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