Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Last Day of School

The school year has come to an end. It has been another great year for the boys. I am so thankful that they enjoy school (for the most part) and that they are all good students.
Here Griffin is on his first day of second grade
and on his last full day of second grade.

Griffin had an excellent year in Mrs. Sturgis' class. He learned a lot. He is a math whiz and wealth of vocabulary words. I am so proud of how he has grown this year.

I am not so familiar with the 3rd grade teachers, but I am sure they are all great. He is thrilled because he got the teacher, Ms. Kelly, that he wanted. He says she is super nice and he has lots of friends in his class.

I did not even try to get a last day of school pic of Nolan, maybe I will later. Some things are just not worth the battle and taking a pictures of Nolan is always a battle.

Nolan had a great year. He is a smart kid that needs to put in a little bit more effort. I am sure that will come with maturity. He was selected to test for the algebra class and he passed the test and will be in algebra next year. We are so proud of him and hope it provided the confidence he needs.

Nolan wanted to be on Boon, the 4 teacher team and he is. So he is one happy boy. He has lots of friends on his team, in his classes and in his advisory. All good.

It looks like next year is going to be another great year for the Gava boys... makes my heart so happy!

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