Sunday, July 17, 2016

The 4th

We had a wonderful 4th week at camp.

The 4th we celebrated in our red, white and blue with lobsters and fireworks.

The fireworks over our lake are always a favorite!

The rest of the week we soaked up the sun when it was out and on the few rainy days we went bowling and to the movies to see Finding Dory.

It was a great week full of fun, family time celebrating the county and our 17 year anniversary.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Setting Sail to Montauk

So the past few weeks have been crazy! I am going to back up to the end of June when we went on what I call a once in a lifetime trip.
We had an incredible time with friends who have a beautiful 44 foot catamaran. We set sail to Montauk.

We arrived in CT on Wednesday night where the boat is docked. We slept on the boat and headed out early Thursday morning for Montauk, NY.
We arrived around lunch time at the Marina that we would call home for the next two nights.
We had fun living the boat life. We swam at the pool, visited Montauk, did a little shopping and dipped out feet in the cool Atlantic Ocean.
Saturday we headed back down the Long Island Sound to CT.
It truly was an incredible opportunity. One that we will never forget. The boys loved learning about the boat and hanging on water.

I took a lot of pictures and I will just let the pictures do the talking...