Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First Day of School

Griffin started 3rd grade.  I know, I know how is it possible. He has grown up so much. If only for one day he could be a sweet baby. 
But instead he is a big third grader! He has now moved to the second floor of the school. He has a great teacher who sends lots of pictures and emails. He started the first day of school as the teacher assistant. Of course, he is loving that and was the first to do the mystery bag.
He is happy and I am so glad. It will be a great year for Griffin.

Nolan reluctantly headed to the first day of school.
He did not want summer to end and was not ready to start the school year. He came home saying his first day was better than he expected. He likes his classes and his teachers. Even though he had homework, he was happy with his day. I'll take it.  

Trevor is in his second week of school. He seems to have settled in nicely. He is starting for the varsity soccer team. We miss him tons but know he is happy and learning so much!

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