Thursday, August 18, 2016

Moving Back up to School

Rob and I just returned home from moving Trevor into his sophomore year of MSSM in Limestone. And let me tell you, I may not be as nervous, but I was still super sad to say goodbye to my baby.
On the way up, he said he was a little nervous. I was so not expecting that and that was hard for me to hear. Part of me wanted to turn the car right around and take him home. I know MSSM is where he belongs and he is so happy there. Once we arrived at the school, his nerves were completely gone. He was happy to catch up with all his friends and settle in to what is sure to be a great year.
His room is much more spacious this year and he only has one roommate who is a friend of his. There room is arranged very nicely and his roommate is neat so I am sure it will force Trevor to be very neat.

As hard as it is to say good bye, I know he is the the perfect place for him. He has so many great friends and a sweet girl friend. He is challenged and being stretched and will be so prepared for college.
Our view of the sunset on our way back from dinner.
I am so proud of Trevor and all he has and will accomplish!

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