Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Good Day For Soccer

Today was a good day for soccer... a very good day for soccer.
It started this morning with Nolan's soccer game. Nolan has been playing very well this season and today was no exception. He played hard all game. 
He got pushed which got the other team a penalty in the box. Nolan kicked the penalty shot and hit the cross bar. It was so close. Nolan's team was up by quite a few goals but gave up their lead in the second half which had them at a tie game. 
Very late in the second, Nolan scored a goal, with none other than his left foot.
It ended up being the game winning goal. Nolan's team had a 5-4 victory. It was a fun, exciting game.
In the afternoon, Griffin had two games. The boys are still learning positioning and passing. They all kind of bunch together.
The boys were losing and Griffin had a few good shots on goal with no success.  Finally, towards the end of the game, Griffin sends a beautiful ball in the air right to the goal. He scored!
His goal was perfect, but his celebrating was epic! I think he has the celebration down.
It is so exciting to score at that age. Even though they lost, I think Griffin was just happy to score his first goal of the season.
Today, was a great soccer day!

Trevor did not have a game today, but did not have such a great soccer day yesterday. He texted very upset at the outcome of his game. Not because they lost 2-1, but because the reffing was just horrible. I guess the calls were very one sided and the whole team was upset. Not every day can be a great soccer day!