Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trevor's Soccer Game

A few days ago, Ash and I traveled way up north to visit Trevor for parents weekend.
It was a long but beautiful ride up. The trees and the colors were stunning. We stopped at the Mt. Katahdin look-out point to take some pictures.

And these pictures don't come close to doing the vibrant colors of the leaves justice. Just amazing how beautiful it was.

I met with Trevor's teachers for conferences. I left each conference feeling so proud. All the teachers talked about how much they enjoy having Trevor in their class, what an active participant he is and how naturally smart he is. So proud. The did say he was not working to his full potential. I would like to see him work harder but he is a teenage boy. Hopefully that will come with maturity. I am so incredibly blessed to be his mom. 
Ash and I got to catch one of his soccer games.

It was freezing and windy but so fun to watch Trevor play soccer. He loves soccer so much.
They did not win the game even though they outplayed the other team.
Win or lose, I had a great time watching him in action.

It was a great couple days spent up in the county.