Sunday, November 27, 2016


We had a very blessed Thanksgiving!
I am so incredibly thankful for these people. Nolan hates having his picture taken unless he is in hockey gear on the ice. He really was not as miserable as he looks.

We spent the holiday weekend black Friday shopping, getting our Christmas tree, decorating the house and going to hockey games.

Five hockey games this weekend. I feel like I live at the ice rink.

Now between games, I am binge watching The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016


This year Griffin knew exactly what he wanted to be
a coke bottle. Only I could not find a coke bottle costume that would fit him so he was a coke can.
We have no idea where he got the idea that he wanted to be a coke bottle but he did not waiver on that one... maybe the first year he was absolutely sure as to what he wanted to be.

Nolan, at the last minute, decided he needed to load up on candy. He and his buddies quickly dressed up in their hockey jerseys and terrorized the neighborhood. The got way more candy than they could ever need in a very quick time frame. They had to get to hockey practice so they ran around like crazy boys to collect the massive amount of candy.
It was a fun night, even if it was a Monday and did not feel quite as Halloween-y as a weekend.

And of course, we missed Trevor. He did not tell me much, but I heard a rumor that he dressed up with his gf and some other friends as the characters from the Wizard of Oz.